We transport with security and privacy

Luxury transport vehicles

Do you need a highly customiced service?


Luxury and armored vehicles

We transport safely and comfortably on all routes.
  • Armored vehicles with a driver.
  • Special transportation in luxury and / or armored vehicles.
  • Transportation for groups or individuals.
  • Transportation to and from the airport.

Specialized premium service for your trips

  • New and eco-friendly sanitized vehicles.
  • Highly trained staff.
  • Security and privacy.
  • Logistical support.






An option for every trip. Choose the perfect one for you

Our Services


Travel in style in the best chauffeured vehicles. Choose the car that suits you from our fleet of spacious, comfortable, elegant and luxurious models. Always premium service and attention.

Luxury car rent

Whether you want to drive a Ferrari on the race tracks with an instructor, just look for a stylish and comfortable way to get somewhere, or you want to hire a Jaguar for a self-drive tour. This is the perfect category for you.

Executive transportation service

The perfect service for busy executives. Increase your productivity while traveling in our vehicles specially designed for those busy days.

Private tours

Travel with us to incredible destinations of your choice or choose one of our recommended ones through personalized experiences with all the luxury you want.

Events transportation

When it comes to events, we are the perfect allies of event organizers and logistics personnel because we offer an impeccable and punctual transportation service.

Airport transportation

Our vehicles with Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, water, alcohol and more will make a trip to and from the airport an experience of comfort and luxury.

Matrimonial transportation

The most anticipated day will be unforgettable because with our fleet of vehicles and the attentive service of our drivers it will be a memorable date.

Destination control

The ideal transport for your clients. Provide a first class service with our transportation option designed for companies.

How does it work?

1. Contact us

Write us on our form or call us at +57 310 593 2204.

2. We will give you options

2. We will give you options Receive updated prices in real time of all our available vehicles.

3. Receive your quote

We will confirm the availability of your vehicle with the final price and we will send you a personalized quote.

4. Travel with us!

We prepare everything so that you leave at the date and time you want.

“To be in motion is to understand that good service has no limits and whether by land, water or sky, we will be prepared to go anywhere in our style “


2Group Team

2Group and subsidiaries are not U.S direct air carriers. 2Group is a registered trademark of air charter brokers that do not operate aircraft.2Group is a North & South American company that markets charter flights on different aircraft registered and operated by properly licensed U.S air carriers.